What We Fund

  • Generally speaking, grants which deal with pilot programs, start-up costs, or building projects will receive first priority, not operating budget items.  If organizations are in need of operating expenses, the foundation encourages them to establish endowment funds to which Antioch may contribute.
  • Grants are made only to organizations exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Most grants do not exceed $50,000, and are generally awarded for a one-year period.  Occasionally multi-year grants are made for larger amounts.
  • Evidence of support for a project from other donors is highly desirable.  The foundation greatly appreciates the opportunity to do "matching funds" grants.
  • Although the majority of grants are made in Wisconsin and Minnesota, they are not geographically restricted.
  • Grants are made in the areas of faith, education, medicine, and humanitarian need.

According to the wishes of the founders, faith-related grants will only be given to the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and other church bodies in fellowship with it, such as the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, Lutheran Church of Central Africa, etc.
These grants may include, but not be limited to, individual organizations, congregations, and schools.
Although other churches and denominations may be worthy recipients, we are concerned with supporting only those who are of sound Scriptural doctrine.  Church fellowship is our way of addressing this concern.

The Antioch Foundation supports education in many different ways, on many different levels.
For example, tuition aid for parochial high school or college students, programs for individuals with physical or mental disabilities, teacher training seminars, and departmental grants are a few ways that The Antioch Foundation can benefit education.


The Antioch Foundation supports medicine through grants for facilities, research, and training.
Hospitals and clinics, health initiatives, and special needs programs are examples of the beneficiaries of the foundation's work.

Humanitarian Need

The Antioch Foundation supports humanitarian causes.  The American Red Cross and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod's Committee for Christian Aid and Relief, for example, help people deal with hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters and have received past support from The Antioch Foundation.

Annual Reports
The Antioch Foundation's Annual Report provides a detailed summary of our grant recipients, the subject area in which their project lies, and the date on which funds were distributed.  You may download the files here.

2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report
2010 Annual Report
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